It's been a while since I carved some time to update this travel log. As some of you may know, my entire family flew in from Paris and Auckland this winter for the holidays. Since none of us can stay inactive for more than a couple of hours (except around a dinner table), we decided to go on a little road trip through our dear Southern California. On the map were Joshua Tree National Park, Red Rock Canyon State Park, Sequoia National Park, and Ojai. Sadly, we had to cancel our trip to Ojai because of complications with the dreadful Thomas Fires – we went to Santa Barbara instead.

If there is one thing that I realized while on this road trip, it's that there is nothing that makes me happier than being on the road with people I love. So here is to more travels throughout the world, near and far.

Here are some highlights of Red Rock Canyon State Park! It's been in my bucket list for a while, and is only a couple of hours drive from Los Angeles. But like most of us, I guess I got caught up in everyday life and it took me two years to get up there. Well, it's well worth the drive!

We stayed in California City for one night, on our way to Sequoia National Park. It's a military base, so not much to do around there.

Best Western California City Inn > Generic, but clean and large rooms, perfect for a group, very friendly staff

This is not a foodies town, so don't have too high expectations. No recommendations, sorry! Except perhaps for bringing your own food and making sandwiches.

Jawbone Canyon Store > You MUST stop there. Especially if you are a motorcycle enthusiast. You'll find everything from drinks and sandwiched to dirt bike and quad rentals. Quite a scene.

There are only two hiking trails in the park, but you can hike anywhere without limitations. The loops at the entrance of the park are rather short and easy, but offer a stunning decor. I recommend exploring a bit further into the park and climbing the surrounding canyons.

All photos in this post were shot using my Mamiya 7ii medium format camera, with a mix of Kodak Portra 400 & 800, Kodak Tmax 400, and expired Fujichrome Velvia 100. There are pretty much raw scans.