Keeping track of my favorite addresses around the world

A few of my images were published in the French pavilion catalogue for the exhibition by Laure Prouvost, which my dear friend curated. Two great reasons to go back to Venice and attend the inauguration of the 58th Venice Biennale.


This summer, Robby and I went back to Virginia to visit his family. That’s where he is from, Roanoke, VA. This is one of my homes away from home. I’m fortunate to have many of these around the world, in France, New Zealand and the U.S.


My lovely husband Robby Sinclair plays drums for Nick Murphy (fka Chet Faker), and the band was scheduled to play three sold out nights at the Sydney Opera House for the Vivid Festival. Needless to say, I couldn't miss that – I had always dreamt of seeing a show at this mythical venue, so when Robby told me he was playing there with Nick, it was sort of a no brainer.


Robby and I went camping for my birthday. Because we were a few months behind, we ended up camping in the first snow storm of the year instead of enjoying the midst of summer. Quite a memorable camping trip…


PARIS 2019
I’ve assembled new addresses during the last few stays in my homeland, so I decided to add an annex to my previous post on Paris…


Long time no see. I've decided that it was time to talk about Joshua Tree. Only 2.5h away from Los Angeles, it is a rather obvious destination for all the Angelenos out there. I first discovered it in 2014, while doing a road trip with two girlfriends from LA to Marfa, Texas.


PARIS 2017
I just resurfaced from an epic trip to France, which took me through Brittany, Normandy, Touraine, and my dear hometown of Paris – all that in less than two weeks. It always feels good to go back, hanging out with the family and the long-time friends, seeing art shows, eating at my favorite restaurants, and discovering new spots.


I spent a couple of months as an artist-in-residence at the Jentel Foundation near Sheridan, WY. This allowed me to focus on my artistic practice, while pursuing a childhood dream of mine: moving to Wyoming and living on a ranch.


Sequoia National Park is such a magical place. We visited the park during winter and it is quite special to hike there at this time of the year. The night skies are without equal; the air is crisp and perfumed. It definitely is a highlight of road tripping throughout California and the perfect escapade for a long weekend.


OJAI 2018
Here is the long overdue post on Ojai, where I've had the pleasure to spend some time these last few months. This charming little town miraculously survived the Thomas Fire earlier this year and is still a lovely destination at the gates of Los Angeles, so do not hesitate to give it some love and support its businesses.


It's been a while since I carved some time to update this travel log. As some of you may know, my entire family flew in from Paris and Auckland this winter for the holidays. Since none of us can stay inactive for more than a couple of hours (except around a dinner table), we decided to go on a little road trip through our dear Southern California.


Went on an epic and wonderful road trip with two girlfriends of mine from Los Angeles to Marfa and back. We had so many misfortunes along the way, but it all added up to one of the best times of my life.